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God of thunder

roland Cube 80X 80W 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

I was very disappointed with this amp. I had such high expectations. Like a lot of people,I saw the demo that Johnny DeMarco did on You Tube. That sold me. I couldn't wait to get one. I already have a Cube 30 and I love it. Unfortunately,for whatever reason,it just doesn't sound good. It has all the bells and whistles,but as far as tone goes,it's not there. Maybe for a beginner or someone who's not really picky about their tone might like it. But if you're like me,and you're very picky about your tone,don't get this amp. I wasn't expecting a lot from the COSM amp models anyway. It was the legendary JC-120 clean channel I couldn't wait to hear. It's not there. My Cube 30 sounds better. I'm thinking it's probably the cheap *** speaker they have in there. But addition to that,is the size of the amp itself. I think even if you switched out the speaker,it still wouldn't sound good. It's not big enough of a cabinet. All in all,it just confirms the #1 rule regarding tone; it's in your fingers. This amp is a perfect example of that. To hear Johnny DeMarco playing it made me want it. Hell,he could play through a Pignose and make it sound amazing!


I didn't own it long enough. But if it's built like my Cube 30,it should last a long time.


General Comments

Like I said previously,if you're not picky about your tone,or you're just starting out,this would be a good amp to have. You could do worse for $400.00 I suppose.

Reviewer's Background

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