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Sound Quality

The sound is unbeatable!!! DigiTech just got another fan... I love every factory pre-sets of this baby. The distortion sounds are killers. It's very easy to find a good sound out of it... from blusy stuff to extreme metal. I do experience some noise...however, I haven't had time figuring out the problem yet. But I guess once you turn the silencer all the way up and configure your amp's gain level. It will be fine. But I am telling ya all, the sound is so wicked-cool.


The dude I bought this unit from told me that it's had broken once. But he made Digitech replaced with the new software version. So since that, it's working fine. And it seems pretty stable to me. Althought it's not really a unit you can throw and kick it around.... Unlike the ART ECC...this unit is pretty shaky when jammin' outside home.

General Comments

Overall this unit is pretty cool for recording and jammin' around with buddies. Just take good care of it and I guess it will run for awhile... As I said before its sound is unbeatable. Based on my little research, I believe the RP-5 produces much better sound than any other multi-effect unit in the market now. If you have more money than me than I suggest you should get the RP-10 or 12. It has more features and pre-sets than the RP-5 but with the same quality sound. Though there're plenty of sounds you can choose from it. The RP-5 has 40 factory presets and 40 users presets.

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