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Sound Quality

Surprisingly Decent Unplugged Sound. When Plugged In can Sound Good with the Right PA or Amp Set-Up and EQ'D Properly. I am a Bass Player who also Plays Acoustic Guitar as a Second Instrument and Needed an Inexpensive Acoustic that was Easy to Play and Fun to " Noodle " around with.....this Guitar Fits the Bill just Nicely. I have trouble with some Full-Sized Acoustic Guitars Due to an Old Wrist Injury so the 3/4 Size is Quite Suitable.


Live Playing...Yet to Find out.

General Comments

Playing Bass since 1969, Acoustic Guitar since the 70's, had a Five-Year Stint on Fiddle 78' to 82'.


I also Own a 1965 Gibson EB-O Bass, a Hartke Kickback 10 Bass Combo, a Fender BXR 25 Bass Practice Combo.


This is a Good Little Guitar for what I Paid. It Suits My Acoustic Guitar Playing Needs, which are Rather Mimimal at Best. Small Neck and Scale are also Easier on the Wrist, which doesn't have the same Reach or Stretch anymore.


The Round Back Tends to " Roll Around " on My Round Lower Torso ! I'll just have to get used to that !


I wish the AE-13 had Active Electronics and a 4-Band Onboard EQ, but the New Ones Appear to be Equipped that Way.

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