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Sound Quality

I Like the Solid Beefiness of this Bass, although I am a Short-Scale Player. I use it for Rock and Blues, and Modern Sounds. Using it at Mainly Open Stages and Private Jams through a Variety of Amps. At Home I use it thru a Fender BXR25 and Rolls Mini-Mix 51 System. I may use it thru My Hartke VXL Bass Attack Pre-Amp Tone-Shaper Pedal sometime. Not Particularily Noisy. Sounds Bright and Rich and Full with Roundwounds.....Fenderish.


I have Played Live already with it. This thing could Win a Friggin' War, it's that Solid !

General Comments

Looks Great, Sounds Good, Built Like a Tank !



Please Note:


I Might Retrofit the Pickup for a Real Fender P-Bass Pickup, as this One is a Tad Weak.

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