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Mike Knowler

Hofner 4890 Western Deluxe Acoustic Guitar

Sound Quality

I am a Bass Player Who Sidelines on Acoustic Guitar. This Guitar has a Beautiful Rich and Warm Sound, with a Bright Edge. Tuners are a Bit Unreliable However.


Already has been Played Out Live.....No Sweat ! It Should be noted that this is a Lightweight Acoustic, along the Lines of a Hofner Beatle Bass.

General Comments

Playing Bass since 69', Acoustic Guitar since the Early 70's. I also Own a New Hofner Icon Beatle Bass, Hartke Kickback 10 Bass Combo, and a Fender BXR25 Practice Combo.


I kind of wish it had Onboard Controls on it.


Lightweight, Great Sounding and Easy to Play !


A Vintage Hofner that is also Cool Looking and has Plenty of " MOJO ! "



For the Money, Cannot be Beat ! Worth Far More than What I Paid !

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