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Sound Quality

At 5 Lbs., I LOVE the Weight ! Great Action and Playability Once Properly Set Up. Well Balanced also. Covers a Lot of what I Play. Classic Rock and Blues, Country, Reggae, Etc., 50's through Present. Using it with a Fender BXR25 Practice Amp at Home and a Hartke Kickback 10 Live. This is a Quiet Bass but will Feedback at High Volumes through certain Amps. Has a Rich, Full, Warm Sound.....Very Hofner !


I have already Played it Live....No Problem. Hardware should be OK. Installed Schaller Strap-Locks.

General Comments

Playing 38 Years. I also Own a Vintage 1975 Hofner 4890 Western Deluxe Acoustic Flat-Top Guitar, Hartke Kickback 10 120 Watt Bass Combo, Fender BXR25 Bass Combo, Rolls Mini-Mix 51 System.


If Lost or Stolen I would probably Buy another.


I have Previously Owned Vintage 68', Vintage 70' and 63' Reissue Hofner Beatle Basses, and this Bass Holds it's Own with any of Em' !


Hofner has a Winner at $349.00 U.S. and will Mop Up in the Lower End Market !



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