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Marshall JMP-1 Tube MIDI Guitar Preamp

Sound Quality

This unit is capable of good tones, if correctly operated. It sure takes some experience in guitar tone shaping to get the best from it, particularly when it comes to the gain and eq section, very effective, you have to know what you are doing. The presets, with loads of treble , are clearly dialed to make the unit sound good at music store low output levels. You need a different starting point to make the unit sound good at usable levels. This unit, from clean to drive, delivers marshall tones and only marshall tones, and it does the job , so if marshall tones are what you are looking for this can be the answer at a very resonable price. It is respectful of your playing dynamics , picking , guitar volume pot tweaking, and it is suitable for most musical styles , again , if correctly operated , I write this again because I think this is the issue with the jmp1. OD2 channel is noisy ..tip : try taking EQ to the extreme and NOT the gain as the description "modern gain" would suggest..you will find killer aggressive blues tones that will make your strat scream... OD1 has enough gain for modern gain stuff. Like EVERY preamp the jmp1 needs a good tube power amp and cab to shine. Output should be set at 50% ,as a starting point ,to feed the power amp with a good signal. and the power amp's volume should be set way up to achieve good sound ...obvious ? not for everyone in this forum people .... Speaker Emulator feature can't really keep up with todays amp/cab modelling units for hard disk recording. I own a V-amp pro and it blows the jmp1 away on a recorded track , even for marshall tones. Keep in mind that this unit appeared on the market more than 15 years ago.


The unit, as for 90% of marshall stuff , is relatively poorly assembled, in the inside where you can't see without open it up of course ... mine suffers with a buzz and occasional volume drops when I roll the output pot, but ,only at the beginning after startup , then , as you roll it on and of for a while everything is ok ..too cheap !!

General Comments

I'm 34 . I've been playing guitar since I was 11 . I've gigged ..man I have gigged..

Units offering same technical features :

Mesa Triaxis -- very different price , very different value , actually uncomparable...

Soldano X99 -- I would trade my mom for this .. I know you too..-)

unnnnnnncomparable...hey kiddin'.. I love you mom..

Tech 21 Sans Amp --- comparable !!! good but personally not my stuff ...


The jmp1 is a good value for money nowdays (300 $ on ebay)...don't ask what it cannot give you and you'll be ok.

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