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Sound Quality

One Trick Pony.....Vintage Fender Sound, Warm & Rich. It Really has the Vintage Fender Mojo, but different than a P or J Bass. I Play Open Stages, So this Bass being Plug'n'Play, Suits that Activity. Some Single-Coil Hum, but not too bad. I use it at Home through a Fender BXR25 Practice Amp and Rolls Mini-Mix 51 Mixer System. I Play Stages through whatever Amp is available. I also have a Hartke Kickback 10 120 Watt Combo, but rarely use it. I installed GHS 3020 Flatwounds as I Kill Roundwounds in a Short Period of time and am constantly replacing them.


Already took it out Live....Performed Wonderfully. Replaced the Buttons with Schaller Strap-Locks. These Basses are Tanks....built to Last a LONG TIME ! Reliable without a Back-Up.

General Comments

Playing 38 Years.


Also Own a 1975 Hofner 4890 Acoustic Guitar.

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