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Sound Quality

The reverbs are a little hissy. Some more than others. They sound pretty good, though. The distortion is okay, not great... the amp simulation isn't bad, though. the chorus could also be warmer... but the flange, phaser, and delays all kick butt. I also love the ring modulator, though I guess, you heard one, you heard 'em all... It also makes a quiet little high pitched whine, (I can't hear it when the computer is on) but that's in the real world and it doesn't leak into the audio.


it's pretty relaible... I lost one of the volume knobs at a gig, though... and I had to replace the power supply, since it toasted itself. Other than that, no prob. I bought it new around when it came out in 95, been using it ever since. It's probably been turned on for over a year of that time...

General Comments

I'm doing various kinds of electronic music... I put my analog synths through it.


The only thing I wish is that it did had it doesn't (besides a good distortion) is two paralell STEREO effects with mono inputs (as it was advertised to do). This is unfortunately not possible, as I think another reviewer mentioned.

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