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Sound Quality

Well, this was my first ever guitar, so I kind of developed my playing style with it. I've played a ton of finger-picking style stuff on it and it sounds great. Simon&Garfunkel, Beatles, Peter Paul and Mary; that kind of thing. If you want to strum chords and be heard in a large room, thats really not what this guitar is for. It can do all that stuff but it losses its sound quality. I tried playing it at church, but had to swich to a louder guitar. Also I now play lead in a band and I'd never think of jamming with this thing. Still, for what its made for(private home use or around the campfire) its a wonderful instrument. I learned how to play on it and I can say from experience it is about the best guitar to lern on. I still play it all the time. As long as you're not trying to tear it apart the sound has always been bright and sweet. The added factor that its easy to play is important too, beacause if I had started on a steel-string 2 years ago I may have given up. This is a good guitar for what its made for.


No major problems. The white tunning knob for the low E fell off, but a little thing called glue fixed that right up. The D-string snapped a couple times, but thats not the guitars fault. It just took me a couple trys to learn how to string a guitar. Really, this thing is as solid as you could possibly want. I'v played it a bare minumum of 800 hours and it sounds richer than I ever remember it sounding 2 years ago. Also, if you keep it in a case It will stay in tune for a good while. The B-string seems to be the first to de-tune. It's still a good guitar. There isn't much to worry about unless you decide to assault someone with it. But I would never mistreat this beautiful guitar like that.

General Comments

I love this guitar like a person. I've spent more time with it than any person. When ever I want to play Paul Simon's "I Am a Rock", or George Harrison's "Here Comes the Sun", its always there for you. This is a good guitar. Its a nice begginer guitar, but I know I'll be playing it and getting good music from it for a long time.

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