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Vox Valvetronix AD50VT 50w 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

This is the first non tube amp I have ever bought. I was definitely a tube snob. But after reading the reviews on this site by people that had tried the other modeling amps but also knew tube amps I decided to try the AD50-VT. I use a '77 Strat, Historic ' 59 Les Paul and a Texas Tele. Mostly the Strat. Play Rock and Blues. My 2 pre-sets started with the Bassman and 70 Marshall settings. I am very impresssed with the clean and the overdrive you can dial in. I have a '75 Twin Reverb and this amp gets extremely close. I also have a Reisssue Bluesbreaker and I like the sound of the Vox better. The BB is now for sale. I did disconnect the fan, If I play out in a warm place I reconnect it. I traded the tube for a NOS <> Telefunken ECC83. I removed the BBQ grill. I think both of the mods helped a little bit. No doubt commetically! The amp is absolutely quiet with the settings I use. I have had Deluxe Reverb's, Vox Ac 30's, AC 15 reissue, Bassmans, JTM 45's, and at least 30 other amps familiar to all. Besides a '68 Vibro Champ I bought years ago for $100 this is by far the least expensive amp I have ever bought. I tried hard not to like it because it was so inexpensive and has only one tube. But because it does the Deluxe Reverb, The Vox, The Twin and the Marshall so well I just smile every time I crank it up. Like the 2nd James Gang album and the manual says, this amp was made loud to be played loud. Turn it up. Just remember, the amp models are just primary colors. Use them anyway you like to shape your OWN sound. I have several stomp boxes that cost more than this amp and so far only use the COT and a Fender Reverb occasionally. Using the Vox's gain control and the Strat's volume knob mostly I am just plugged straight in. Also has a good Celestion speaker but you can go into a cab for even more variety. For the $287.00 it's a 10.


General Comments

I saw the Beatles on Ed Sullivan and remember it, so I am old. Been playing a long time. I have a silver face twin, 58 bassman, reissue bluesbreaker, 68 vibro champ, reissue twin reverb. I am in the procees of downsizing and was looking for something that was not a one trick pony, inexpensive, light and could also be played by my 14 year old son when he plays out with his friends. (he now wants his own!) The fact that it sound so good was a very unexpected bonus. I keep thinking, the whole amp cost almost $100.00 less than my Klon pedal!

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