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ESP LTD JH-600 Jeff Hanneman Signature Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

I play classic 80s metal and thrash. The sound of this guitar is perfect for my style of music. I use it through a Peavey XXX head and a Mesa Boogie cabinet with a TC Electronic G Sharp in the effects loop. This guitar can be noisy if you are too close to the amp even with a noise suppressor. I have to be about 8 feet away from the amp and then there is no noise. The active EMG's play a big role in the sound of this guitar but it seems a bit warmer than other guitars I have had with active EMGs. I only use it with full-on distortion and it sounds superb. I would imagine it is not very versatile. Only an idiot would buy a Slayer signature guitar and not intend to play metal with it.


Seems very solid. Have played live with it twice and held up great. Finish seems pretty thick. I had a problem with a Gibson SG finish wearing off where my arm sweats on it. I was extremely impressed with the manufacturing/build of this guitar. I imagine this is mostly factory built because it is a Korean import but when you pick it up you would think it was a handmade USA guitar worth at least a couple grand. Believe me - you are not going to mistake it for a three hundred dollar Epiphone. I am going to replace the strap buttons with strap locks. I always bring a back up when using a guitar with active pickups. I don't trust batteries.


General Comments

I've been playing 22 years. I own a couple USA Gibsons (SG, V) a Kramer Focus 1000 I've had since 1985 and a custom home built strat. I got this JH-600 after returning a USA Jackson Soloist that had fret buzz problems. I wanted a neck-thru guitar with and an ebony board and an original Floyd.


My least favorite feature is that it is a signature model guitar. Even though Slayer is one of my three favorite bands, I've always thought signature guitars are kind of a cheesy marketing gimmick aimed at gullible teenagers. I would still prefer it if it was just another non-signature ESP model, but hey, it had what I was looking for and is a killer guitar.


My favorite feature is the neck and the ebony fretboard. The neck is at least as thin and fast as a Soloist. Maybe a bit wider. I think the German eagle inlays are cool because, like Hannemann, I'm a WWII history buff. And it may offend communists, which is always a good thing. It's a toss up whether I would prefer active or passive pickups. I think actives color the natural sound of the guitar a bit more than passives but passives give a more accurate representation of the sound of the tonewood. I give this an overall of 10 because I feel I got the equivalent of a Jackson Soloist for eleven hundred dollars less.

Reviewer's Background

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