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I bought a '74 or '75 Champ at a pawn shop in Chicago (sounds like lyrics to a blues song, don't it?). Two years after, I had Time Electronics in NewJersey do a complete overhaul and replaced an 8 ohm Pyle Driver speaker with a new 4 Ohm Jensen 8" reissue speaker, and the changeover to the Jensen blew me away. The only complaint is that I expected a little more tube saturation between 9 and 10 than I got, which happened to run a little cleaner than I expected. I play both a '52 reissue Fender tele and an Epiphone Joe Pass hollowbody, which I added P90s to and it sounds unbelievable! I didn't give a full 10 because I attempted to plug in a THD Yellowjacket in the 6L6 circuit so I can switch to an EL84 tube (like Vox amps have) because the Jensen Speaker is in the way.

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