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DigiTech DBM Bad Monkey Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

I play an epiphone lp with emgs into a marshall jcm800, so the sound is quite dirty but with a sharp bite to start with and I use this pedal as a booster. I really love this pedal. I also own an sd-1 bit is also fantastic so I can only compare it to that. First great thing is that the pedal doesnt suck your tone away and so leaves the natural sound intact. The sd-1 is bit trebley in comparison but the sd-1 has a bit more drive and sustain. The other great thing is that you can add bass to your overdriven sound which you cant do so well with the sd-1 and other similar pedals that boost the mids. With the amp cranked and this thing on I am in tone heaven, really heavy 80's metal sound with tight clarity. I havent played a tube screamer or any really expensive overdrive pedals before, but to be quite honest I cant possibly see how you can get much better than this. I cant decide if i like it more than the sd-1, I think people who are really fussy with their tone would prefer this pedal because it maintains the sound of your amp without boosting treble/mids. However whilst I reckon rhythm guitar with fat chords sound marginally better through this pedal, I think the sd-1 has a better "melt your face off" cutting lead sound. Anyway, I will shut up now! :-) But if you own a decent amp and like high gain rock tone I cant see how you can go wrong with this bad boy and bearing in mind the price!!! Nothing is perfect but this is damn close.


seems pretty solid

General Comments

I play hard rock/cheese metal and this is great through my set up. I can imagine in a few years these things will be expensive once people realise how good they are.


¿¿25 I got mine for! What a steal! There must be a catch....

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