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Sound Quality

I use this guitar with a Mesa Boogie MK1. When you pile on the gain the sound is amazing, sounds to me like Neil Youngs dirtiest guitar sounds. Feedback is sometimes a problem but if you get enough distance and face away from the amp it is manageable. I have been considering some kind of insulation to reduce the feedback but not sure what is the best solution. Clean you can get smooth jazzy sounds or country blues trebly sounds. The pickups are really hot! -1 point for feedback problems


I would be nervous playing this guitar live as it is irreplaceable. It is obviously built to last as it is still a kickass guitar forty years after being built.

General Comments

I have been playing guitar roughly ten years and playing violin since a very young age. I record my own music at home and this guitar is used extensively in my studio. I use a ton of vintage and new stompboxes and Mesa MK1...


If it were stolen I would definately be on the look out for another.

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