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Sound Quality

This is the big question. Since I got this use for about $175, it's well worth the sound. It's not Studio quality, but fun and good enough for live use. Easy to control. I mostly use the filter and delay, and they're both pretty good. Filter does a good job. The "303" type sound drums are nifty, but not very realistic, but it has slide and accent which is always fun. Two type of 303 sound, lead and base, so basicaly Square wave and Saw Tooth. It's fine though, you can pick one of these up cheap and have a blast. I also use KP3 with it, they work well together. The step sequencer is nifty, but the Total control of KP3 is more fun. There are MUCH better sounding effects out there, by Lexicon, TC, Moog, countless others, it's the real time minipulation that kicks. For live use, it sounds just as good as any synth effect or mangler. The reverb isn't that great, but I use VSTs for Studio use, live use stuff is great and rare. LIVE USE... not pro-studio. Orignal price of $560 was a bit high a few years ago, but used for under $200, it's a bargain and it lasts for ever. Run Ableton live through it for some extra sound minipulation. oh yeah, running it with your drum machine is great. I run my very expensive Xbase 999 throug to shadow the beats and it's adds a nice bit of flavor. By shadowing I mean, I run the original sound clean along side the processed sound.


Roland/Boss stuff lasts for ever. My Boss guitar effects from Jr. High still work great. Digital delay, EQ, SE-70, Metal Zone (lol), etc.


General Comments

People who don't like it A) aren't using it right, you can easily smooth out the stepping by using the "smoooth" function, B) Are trying to use it for Studio work. It's a ideal tool for a DJ. I mean it really kick's for that type of work. I run my synths and drum machine through via effects loop on my Mixer, and had to buy 1/4 to RCA cables, that's all. It's not a Lexicon Reverb, or MoogerFrooger Delay or a Sherman Filter... it's just a little fun little effect seqeuncer. If you want those types of effects, well you'll need to spend a lot more $$. I just prefere to use VST effects for Studio work and since I'm not cutting any Platinum Records, who cares anway. 99% of us are just doing this for fun or live use. Which are two areas the product excels.

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