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Vox Valvetronix AD50VT 50w 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

I've used it with a JBP Strat, and my Agile Les Paul with Golden Age Pickups. Each has a very different sound, but each sound is very very nice. It can play almost any style, the cleans are beautifully clean, going to the Twin Reverb and Bassman, where it gets a little dirty, yet very clear, then to the Voxes. The Vox AC30 sounds INCREDIBLE! Day Tripper? Yes sir, this is THEE tone. Not suprising, considering it is a Vox and all. The AC15 doesn't really tickle my fancy, sounds like the AC30 but with less distortion, maybe that's what they really sound like, I don't know, I usually opt for the AC30. Then we get to the Marshall JTM45 (I think) which is the UK 70's amp. No master volume on this one, just like the real thing. WONDERFUL AC/DC crunch tones and any other 70's classic rock sound. Need any more distortion? Go for the UK 80's (JCM800). Great mid-high gain sound, great for leads and G'N'R and what not. I'm not much of a metal head, so the next ones, the UK Modern, US Highgain, and the Numetal don't really interest me, but I'd say they sound okay, the US HiGain is great for some Turbonegro action. The last model is the Botique OD, which is some sort of Dumble amp. It's not as loud as the others, which is kind of weird, but sounds good, kinda like a more bluesy UK 80s amp. All in all, there's a VERY good variety of sounds that this thing can make. Just make sure you leave the Master and Volume on 11 and just control the volume by turning the Attenuator knob on the back to keep the Tube distortion alive. The Effects: All the effects, by using a combination of the Bypass and Tap and the Edit knob, can be adjusted with great care, just like any number of effects pedals. Reverb is pretty good, can go from a huge auditorium sound to a small room sound, which I think is pretty neat. Delay, very cool, for some 'Run Like Hell' action. Chorus, I find it to be pretty cool, doesn't really work unless you're playing very cleanly, and takes some tweaking to sound good. There's a Flanger and Phaser, which I don't really use, but they serve their purpose for playing "Barracuda" :D. Tremolo is very nice for some Dick Dale action, in combination with a Strat and the Twin Reverb model. Rotating Speaker, I don't really use it, it's just kinda like a slow tremolo to me. Then we get to the Auto Wah, which I can't decide if I like. You turn it on, and it works pretty well, but thins out your sound a LOT. Just buy a wah pedal, NOBODY ever uses Auto Wah, EVER, unless you're just goofing around. So all in all, very versatile, great models, and the effects are okay. But that's what pedals are for.


Looks to be pretty sturdy, nothing to really go wrong with it, except maybe replace the Tube in a few years. Metal speaker cover is really sturdy, nothin's gonna' break that thing. I've heard that others have replaced the speaker and tube in the AD30VT and it makes this amp a LOT better sounding. Maybe I'll try it out some day with a nice JJ 12AX7 and a Celestion. Other than that, I see no probs with this amp, it's mostly solid state, and can't really go wrong with that in regards to dependability.

General Comments

I've been playing for about 2.5 years, have a Peavey Classic 30, a Washburn Mercury, JBP Strat, and my Agile Les Paul. All sound pretty good and this amp works well with all of them.


For less than $360 if you're a hagglin' bastard like me, you can't get a better amp.

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