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Sound Quality

I use this both as a guitar processor and as a backup "Lexicon" as the reverbs are good enough to meet my (home) studio requirements. Plugged into a Fender Twin it creates huge sounds. The choruses are excellent; the flanges aren't bad, nor are the phasers. You can dial up everything from a Robin Trower to a "Hendrixy" sound and get reasonably close. The lamest effect is the auto-wah. The distortions and overdrives are killer, but as to be expected they excel mainly in the '80s big hair band kind of sound. I don't bother with those but if you want to play Boston or metal, this is the unit for you.


I've never had a problem with this unit except the display light burned out and I need to squint to see what's going on.

General Comments

For live playing I prefer my stompboxes as they are foolproof. However, in the studio this is an excellent device. It's extremely versatile, an exceptional piece of equipment and I can't imagine life without it.

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