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Boss MT-2 Metal Zone Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

Epiphone V with Marshall MG head. Using 4x10 cab with emminence speakers. I'm doing this review on the pedal I modded. I just put an extra diode with a forward voltage of .1v in series with one of the clipping diodes. Since the stock diodes were back to back of the same type, this additional one should make the waveform slightly asymetrical and add a little more sweetness (which the pedal needs). Generally speaking I only really use this pedal in drop tunings (usually just stantard drop D). It has a certain whine that doesn't really sound too appealing to me for standard tuning or melodic leads and such. After the mod the whine is a little more stylish and useable but its still something you have to play with before it sounds like music. Since its not really a very chunky sound, I use the pedal for faster type of songs. Like speed chug stuff that is played with fast double-bass drums. Theres some great screaming harmonics that are great when played on lower strings. The biggest effect this mod did was make the chug-attack a little larger/realistic/3-dimensional (how do you really describe a sound in words). Its still the MT2 with a very slight amound of color to it. I was going to mod it more but after I checked my work on adding the diode I was pretty satisfied with it so I stopped where I was. In my opinion its not very versatile but I think it covers its intended sound pretty good. Solos and leads can work great espescially if you spice them up with the pinch harmonics which come out great on it. You just have to watch your playing because the whine is unforgiving.



General Comments

Works great. Stock is definately ok but the mod gives it a little extra tonal edge to make the chug stand out.


Also, if you are a modder, this is a very configurable pedal, schematics are easy to find and easy to read. Plus there are many other people that mod this so there are a lot of suggestions you can find online.



Just ask me for sound clips and I'll send them. I have 1 song made pre-mod and I'm probably going to make a bunch of new clips now that I've done it.

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