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DigiTech DBM Bad Monkey Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

Gibson (or other "clone") Les Paul into Screamin Blues pedal, into Bad Monkey, into (either) BC 30 Roland Blues Cube/Fender Blues Junior/Fender Blues Deluxe amp. This is the one pedal in my chain that stays on all the time. I use the Screamin Blues to goose it for piercing solos but the real beauty of this pedal-with all knobs at 12 o'clock-is the way it brings that slightly overdriven tube amp mojo to every rhythm and solo. Yes I agree with the many who look upon this as another TS 9 WITH THE ADDED TONE SECTION. It works well with other pedals, too. I have used a Tonebone Classic, a Rocktron Nitro, a few wah-wahs and a BOSS ME-5 in the chain with the Bad Monkey. It always sounds good and it always brings that tube driven tone to each of my amps. Dead quiet using either a battery or a regulated 9V 300 ma PS. (Try the Danelectro PS. One of the quietest around) Nice smooth overdrive with a touch of harmonics and ever so slight compression. Can't beat it with a stick!


General Comments

All the positive hype is true. If you already have a nice TS 9 or one of its variants, you won't need this, necessarily. But you could get one for the cheap 40-50 price and add it to your chain anyway, in which case you would not be disappointed. As a standalone tube tone pedal it is one of the best-and certainly one of the cheapest. While my Tonebone classic may produce better overall dynamics, clarity and harmonics...I would never miss it as much as the Bad Monkey. The Monkey is the "take me everywhere" pedal in my rig. It always shines with the overdriven tube tone that all of us want, no matter what style we play (except METAL, of course.) This makes it for blues, clean styles, rock, jazz and country. I am buying another one real soon.

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