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Sound Quality

I already knew exactly what I was looking for, and this pedal is it. I just wanted one top quality flanger foot pedal that could get close to chorus-like tones as well as good, but not over the top flanger tones. I didn't need the flanger tones to have the intense jet plane sound of the vomit sounds. If you want those, look elsewhere. I can get decent chorus-like tones that work well for clean and overdrive, as well as some subtle but effective flanging, like Adam Jones' sound from TOOL. You can dial in many other sounds, but these are the two I most commonly use. This pedal works perfectly for what I need it for. I prefer using batteries since they tend to be quieter than AC adapters. Using a battery, this unit is very quiet through the effects loop of my Rectifier and playing on my custom Strat. I've gigged with it at very high volumes with a lot of high-gain. I've never had a noise problem. I also use high quality cables and humbuckers, which certainly helps to avoid nose.


Boss makes great stuff. I've owned a lot of their products in the past and have never had a problem. This thing will probably be around and usuable a lot longer than I will.

General Comments

I play a lot of different styles, from originals to covers in all styles. This makes the tones I need it to and can't see needing any other flanger.


Suggestion - but it used off ebay.

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