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Sound Quality

I own a number of amps, some tube, some digital. This is holding it's own right now in my crazy bunch. It's not as clean as my Fender Blues Delux, but then the Blues Delux cannot do metal like this can, not even close.  It is not as loud as my Crate Palamino 2X12 head cab combo, but can produce much cleaner sounds and has a much more controllable reverb, plus modeling. But the 32 watt Crate with it's closed in cab is just much louder. There have been people who have suggested closing in part of the back of the AX2 cab, makes sense. Maybe the clipping thing is an issue.

I think it puts out as good a sound as my Peavey Delta Blues 50. Sorry, Peavey.

My two digital Fenders, a Frontman and a DSP212? Sad to say this sounds better, although the Frontman can put out a much cleaner sound, which is what it was designed to do.

How does the AX2-212 match up to the modern day Line 6 Spyders?? It depends on what you want. The newer ones I find are in general crisper, louder, and are full of great tones that you cannot deny. Plus the drum and guitar tracks are just real. The programming feature on the Spyder Jam is great. But...

The AX2-212 has some more creamier sounds, (not muddy), and my ears hear more throwback sounds to the 60's and 70's than the newer Line 6 offerings, which are more tuned to modern metal, C&W, Hip Hop, but not so much Classic Rock.  The AX2-212 is a Classic Rocker with great metal overtones. I'm old enough to have lived through the Woodstock generation, so this amp puts me back in that time.


Have only owned this for a few days. So far, all buttons are quiet, no snapping, no popping. A little hum on the overdriven Mesa and a couple others, like it is challanging you to touch a guitar string. Other than that, everything works, it seems solid, no broken knobs, all the pedals seem like a tank.

It's heavy due to the twin 12's, but it seems like it would take a beating and keep on going. Open back is a little unsecure, with the speaker wires out there.

I don't like the on/off switch, way too small and that little pushbutton seems fragile, but it works. And if the amp is close to a wall, you have way too deep a reach to get to it, but that is nit-picky.

My User presets were all full of metal sounds, so one of the first things I did was a hard reset to take it back to factory sets. My battery must still be good, or changed out, because it loaded the factory Presets into the User presets, just like the book said it should. If your battery is bad, you cannot keep User presets, or so I believe.

So far, it is doing exactly what it should be doing.

General Comments

For what I paid, for what this is, it was way ahead of it's time.  It is still a very relevant amp for 2010.  Looking today in the $300 range for both amp and big Floorboard, this is still a steal. People paid almost three times that back in 2001/2002.

I like the throwback sounds, the ease of moving about the amp, the amount of control on the floorboard. No other amp that I own gives me that.  I understand that any company has to move on, but this unit is almost timeless.  This made a great platform for Line 6 to build on, but it's almost like a one-hit wonder. How do you follow it?

My recommendation:  If you find one in relatively good condition with the big floorboard, buy it. For the cost of a beginner guitar, you will not be sorry.

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