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Sound Quality

If you like the whole, round, blusey sound, this is your unit.  If you like the Schecter, Ibanez RG, Telecaster, bright sharp sound, do not buy this unit.

If you do fingerpicking, it's not really crisp enough, IMHO. For a hollowbody, it doesn't act like a good acoustic, it's a little muddier with the buckers. But if you do blues riffs with those bends, sustains, followed by loud open rythmn chords for the bridge or chorus, this is the unit.

In any case, for the money, it is really almost impossible to beat what this unit has to offer.


I first had a bad soldering job on the three way switch, and a couple loose things, but for the last year or so, it's been good, so I think it would hold up better than I originally thought.  If I gigged I would upgrade at least the three-way switch and possibly put in full sized tone and volume knobs, but personally, I like the buckers.  Might add some shielding, though.

General Comments

Based on price, looks, and eventual playability after my little upgrades, this is a really nice guitar to play.  I might mention that it is so big that it is a little hard to play sitting down, for those coffee shop afternoon set people who sit at a stool with a small amp.

Any Country and Western band, a REAL Country and Western band should welcome an instrument like this somewhere in their set.  If you are in a Country Band that also does some rock, this will be a tighter fit.

And if you are into jazz or blues, this is almost a must, especially since you won't be as heartbroken if it got stolen or broken, since it is usually under $300.

If you find one, buy it.  You will not regret it. Compared to a LOT of $250-300 units, this is an absolute steal.

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