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Sound Quality

Tone on this is all over the map, depending on what switch you happen to fancy at any given moment.  They claim 11 different sounds.  I don't know about that, but there are more than I can use. You get six different positions on the pickup selector, an "All On" toggle switch, and a coil tap switch for the bucker. Somehow this all adds up to eleven.

In reality, although some guys are playing metal with this, it is way more a surf guitar than anything else, although I have found some great high-blues tones in there, coming through a tube amp like a Fender Blues Deluxe, or a Peavey Delta Blues.  Sustain is good, not great, but lipstick pickups have always had a pretty fast decay rate. One thing in it's favor, the pickups are mounted essentially on masonite board, which should be a little more harmonic than laminated plastic. But that is kind of defeated by the lipstick design.  So leads with high picking are in order here, not sustained notes. probably why few Dans have whammys.

You can improve sustain by adjusting the bridge saddle height and bridge height, then tagging down the rear bridge screws hard to the body. This one little action probably gave me more sustain than any other thing I did.

I put Ernie Ball 10's on it, and they seem to perform fine.  My low B string was like new, so I just put on a set of six and left the B alone. I rarely use it anyway.

I thought the sound of my Rouge Triple Lipstick was a good sound until I played them side-by-side, the Rouge cannot keep up, period.  It does, however, have a much better body. If Danelectro would build a unit with the Rouge metalflake mahogany body with the electronics of a Dan, WHOA!! Now that would be a tough, gig ready unit.


If I gigged, this would stay home.

Number one, it's flaky.  Seriously!  It's made of masonite flakeboard, which is ground up wood pressed together to form a new board.  Essentially all the wood no one else wanted in the wood industry. Bark and all. The only hardwood is the neck, and that is popular? Alder?

Number two, it probably would get stolen, since these Mod 7 units from 99' through 2001 were some of the last really great Dan units. Some of the later ones really were turkeys, and of course old original Dans are thousands of dollars.  The 99'-2001 units are climbing fast in value, often hitting $450 to $500. you could get this guitar for $99 in 2001.  Not now.

Number three, too many switches and silly electronic things to go wrong.

So this makes a great studio/bedroom/garage guitar. Sorry, IMHO !  I know guys gig with them, but I would not, save for maybe a church.

General Comments

I've wanted one of these for a long time. Actually, any older Dan with three pickups.  But I kept hesitating to pay someone $450 and up for a nice one.  I thought my Rouge Triple Lipstick would do the trick, but I rarely played it.  When this came up in one of my local Pawn Shops, I jumped on it for $275 out the door with gig bag.

It's cool, cool, cool.  You don't see them that often from this issue, (99-2001)  I got the wonderful metalflake black. I'm not too fond of the aqua colored ones, or even the white ones.  With new strings, this is a charmer, and easy to play.  The 7th string takes some adjustment, but for us 6 stringers, it is just new things to learn.  The neck is surprisingly easy to barre.  It's got a lot to offer for the money.  It makes a really good addition to any person with GAS!!

I would buy it again in a heartbeat, but I bet I never see another for $275 unless it is really beat up.

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