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Sound Quality

Crazy amount of sounds. At the pawn shop, I played it through a big Kustom 2X12 and it sounded great. At home I drive it through a 96 Fender Blues Deluxe, and OMG, what those tubes can do to this sound.  It just comes to life.  Others have complained about it being a little thin on digital amps, I will try it out on my Line 6 stuff tonight. (If I can tear myself away from the Blues Deluxe.)

The coil splitter on with the switch in position number 6 is a cool sound for the Dick Dale/Ventures stuff.  A couple notches back, maybe 3/4 with the coil tap off you can get a wonderful blues sound through the tube amp. Really versatile for what you pay, and easy on the back!  Turn on that "all on" toggle, and you get a prety strong rock sound.

One thing, I noticed the pickups break up rather quickly.  I don't know if there are some feedback problems, or what. It doesn't seem like a single coil should start distorting at 4 on a 40 watt Fender, but they just start to distort out a little bit.  I've found that this is usually caused by the pickups being too close to the strings.  Didn't push it any further. Not that it is a bad sound, but if you want loud single pick blues, this could be a problem.  So I knock the rating down a bit.  It also could explain why my single coils came adjusted really, really low into the body. The bucker is higher.


I just don't know.  Obviously this one never gigged, or if it did, it must have been in a church setting. Just way, way too nice. When you pick it up you kind of get the feeling that a strong breeze could break off the neck, but when you play it there is kind of a strength that shows itself. Some parts look flimsy, but in reality I think not. The edge wrap tape looks like it would peel up and die in the sun, but I have to say, for a unit made in 2000, it is still like new. Really, really hard to tell with mine, it is so mint after 10 years.

General Comments

Almost two years ago I started looking for a lipstick guitar, really wanting a Dan.  But the pricing was a little silly for me. A lot of dealers pushing those 2008/2009 reissues which are not Dans in my mind but some kind of cheap guitar that I just resisted.  My local GC is still trying to clear out the last reissue. What junk.

I ended up picking up one of those Rogue triple lipstick units (mahogany body, grover tuners, metalflake finish), that were out there until early 2009, and I thought I was happy.  Then I saw and played the real thing, (or at least the last real reissue), and my Rogue, well, I don't know what will happen to that. It's out of production and rising a little, maybe I'll keep it. It also feels like a rock after picking up a real Dan.

These 7 string units are capable of keeping up with a Strat sound wise, and I think it sounds purer than my G&L Legacy Tribute. As a matter of fact, only my Epiphone Les Paul Special Standard sounds more bluesy.  My Hagstrom F20 and Super Swede are also more bluesy.

I think if you see a Mod 6 or Mod 7 somewhere in good shape, buy it if you can get it for less than $325.  It's a climber in worth. Remember people were paying $99 for these in 2001, now you are hard pressed to find a good one for less than $325, some mint units hit $450 and up. Danguitars.com currently has a mint one of these for $499.  And he will sell it.  It's almost like the last two reissues, which were both total dogs, have pushed the 99-2001 units up in price.  Fine with me.  I feel blessed I found this 2000 Mod 7 for $275 in mint condition.

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