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Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue 40W 1x12" Combo Amp

Sound Quality

There's really no other way to say it, if you want the blues sound, this is the ticket.  The only reason I give it a 9 is the volume could use a little more sweep.  There is not a reasonable place where you can use it for practice in a somewhat confined place, as most bands don't have a nice bar or hall to practice in.  So you get the bedroom sound where you lose some of the beauty of the sound, or it just cuts through everything and the guys you are practicing with complain.  You can almost get it...but you have to fiddle.

But the sound overall is just pure Fender Blues, which obviously explains why there are so many reviews here.  Lots of botique amps for hundreds, even thousands more cannot duplicate this sound.  And Fender has gone to a lot of work to maintain it, obviously.  What a great amp!


Mine was made in Feb 1996.  When I bought it, it looked like it was rode hard and put away wet more than once. Torn tolex, scrapped off corners, two knobs missing. (I easily ordered a new Tolex tweed cover and a package of chicken head knobs, all for less than $50.)  The speaker tweed is in good shape. But running it, the amp still sounds like the day it was born, probably better now that the tubes are broken in.  It seems to have the original ones, Slovteks and Groves.  It is whisper quiet, no snap, crackle or hiss at all. Once I get the new Tolex on and the knobs replaced, polished up it will look like new, and it still sounds like new!

General Comments

This is just perfect for what it is, and in all honesty, the 40 watts is more than enough.  I find myself not even trying to turn on my other amps.  I have not turned on my Crate Palomino since buying this amplifier.  My Peavey Delta Blues sits like a black hunk, like the mop in the swiffer commercials. And that's got a tremelo!   And I think it may be a while before any of my other amps get turned on, I like this thing so much. Clean just doesn't do it justice.  Super clean, blues, nice breakup, it's all there in spades.  I would sell almost every other amp I have before letting this go, should the world fail. If you find one used, and it works well, buy it.  And if you're shopping new, before you buy a botique amp for lots more, go test ride one of these to make sure you want to drain your wallet more than what a new one of these cost.

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