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Sound Quality

As others have said, it does lack a little in bass tones. Not that it is tinny, but it just didn't have great low end.  So I put on a set of Reds, 12's, and it came in nicely with a warm round tone that is wonderful.  The Fishman just runs wonderful, pockets right into my acoustic amp, (Marshall), and it sounds clear and tight.  Just the right amount of sustain, nothing trying to vibrate off, no problems on extra unwanted sustain.

This would be a wonderful guitar for a small venue with smaller amps like coffee shops and such. It even looks great with the abalone, but some people just cannot take the Samick logo. It just screams Asian.

Under the bridge, the piezo looks braided, which is a little different. It seems like it collapses a little when the bridge is put down on it, to allow for better contact.  This would explain the nice, clear tones that come out of it.

If Martin had designed this guitar, it would be twice the money, guaranteed.  But they didn't, so for about $475 new you can have a great sounding unit with wonderful appointments.  I was specifically looking for a new cutaway, and knew this one was hanging in this particular pawn shop, so I visited, there it was, and now it's mine. I don't gig, so I don't worry about headstock names.

Just a lovely guitar to play.


Since mine is already a few years old, I don't think there will be too much to worry about, unless I drop it. Strap holders are solid, Fishman is really nice, jackplug seems solid, bridge is flat on a flat face, no movement there. Neck joints look good and solid. Truss rod adjustment was unneeded, but looks well installed.  Just crazy good quality here.  I'm not real fond of the cedar look on the face, looks more like stained sitka, but it is what it is. At least the cedar has tight, close growth rings, and is a nice piece of wood.  Great for thumb tapping while playing. The rosewood looks like it will take a fair amount of abuse since it is laminated.  This should be a good gigging guitar, and since it has been in the Samick lineup for what 8-9 years?  It must be a good unit for them.

General Comments

This is just a great guitar for the price, new or used. It's been around for quite a few years now, which is saying something in this economy. It fits into a gigging musician's budget, plays like a dream, sounds good to great, and is well matched to the Fishman Clearwave. And to top it off, it looks like a much more expensive unit. Just put a capo over that S mark on the headstock and the world will think you have a really expensive guitar in your hands, if that bothers you.

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