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Oscar Schmidt OE40 Hollowbody Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

It has a wonderful sound if you like large jazzbox type axes. Mine does suffer from a sympathetic A string. Sustain can be greatly enhanced by taking off the mahagony bridge, (upper half only, leave the base on), and putting on a T-A-M bridge available from GC in gold for about $12.99. I believe it is an Allparts brand. You will have to redrill one hole in the base for the screw adjustment, and then slightly reposition the bridge base, but it is the one greatest thing you can do to improve the sound on this unit for under $20.


Mine has held up well. The carcass is well built. Only possible problem is the electronics. I had to repair a couple bad solder joints on the three-way switch, but no big deal. Now I just play it, and play it, and play it some more.

General Comments

I think this is soon to be discontinued, if not already. There are still units floating on eBay, and Oscar Schmidt has them on the website, but they are discontinued in a lot of major online dealers, and others are mentioning limited quantities.

I believe this will be one of those that in the next few years, gains in value over the original purchase price. Might even be worth $4-500 in 5-7 years. Especially the clear maple units. They are just beautiful and you almost never see them for sale anywhere. Always the black.

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