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Sound Quality

Sounds like a rock guitar, without all the knobs to change things. Best played with both buckers on. Strong, clear sound that can be changed at will. If you like stomp boxes and effect pedals, this is the unit for you since it puts out a strong, clear sound that is easily modified. Bridge pickup is a little tinny, but together it adds up to a good, strong sound that most rockers will love. Not a blues guitar IMHO. Personally, as a classic rock lover, I really like this unit.


Not an issue that I can see. Reports of breaking strings on the TAM, we'll see. It is a little sharp going over those bridge saddles. Other than that, not much to go wrong here. Only two pots, one three way switch. Just not burdened with gadgets. Should be very durable.

General Comments

A friend of mine who runs a used music store got one of these in a couple months ago, green with P-90's. Sold it for $425 in about a week, no case.

When I found this and got the girl down to $300, I just could not let it go. This is one of those units that you will reach for all the time when you play.

Been playing a couple years, becoming more of a gearhead than a player. Love to find out of production, great units that have a chance of gaining in value. Also building my own now.

Only thing I think it needs is maybe a second volume.

Stolen, I would hunt another, but I think I would have to look a while.

Love the tobacco burst now that I've seen a couple other colors.

Love the body thinness, the archtop.

Hate the fact that if you accidently push down too hard on a knob, it will cut into the finish the next time you turn it. May look into gold speed knobs.

I choose it for the price and rarity.

My goodness, if you find one of these, buy it.


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