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Line 6 Spider IV 75 75W 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

I was impressed. I put a variety of guitars through it since I brought it home, and save for a little feedback with some hollowbody electrics I own, (too close, I think), it performed exactly as advertised. Wind Cries Mary sounds just like it should. Johnny B. Goode sounds scary, it is so close. Most crowds would never know the difference. I'm sure if you put a double humbucker Hagstrom on it set to rythmn, and try to simulate come twangy country, it will balk at you, but give it a break. For what you need, it is an outstanding example of why - again - most players do not need to pour out thousands of dollars for stomp boxes and huge analog amps. And they can still get a wonderful variety of sounds. This is so far BEYOND the Spider III, (and the presets on my Spider Jam), it is freaky.


Don't know. Bought it from a local dealer with a Line 6 authorized tech. Passed on a cheaper price from GC, since they only had the shelf model left. I wanted a new one out of the box. FYI; My Spider Jam is developing a small hissing and snapping that comes on sometimes, but goes away after about two-three minutes. Probably a failing capicator, if I had to guess. But the new Spider IV is dead quiet until you play, and I see no reason to think it will fail.

General Comments

Been playing for a couple years. Own too much gear to list.

This is a must have. Would buy it again in a heartbeat. By far the killer of other modeling amps. Peavey Vyper, Fender G-DEC, GOODBYE!!!!! Nothing can touch this thing in the modeling category.

As a matter of fact, it sounds better then some of my other amps, including my Fender FSM212. My Frontman is crisper, but it cannot shift pitches! And with the simple FBV Express MkII or even the original, you dump the stompboxes. WOW!!

If you are in any kind of situation where you need a lot of sounds, maybe a gearhead who likes the gear, a bedroom player who wants the emulation without the bucks, this is definitely for you. Even a couple of studio situations could use this. What an amp!!

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