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Sound Quality

Suprised me with the pickups a little. Clean, mostly, with the bridge not being too hot, but not too spanky. Singles are pretty clean, actually, I was somewhat surprised. No big changes in sound anywhere. On the bright side, no noise, solid switching and linear volume and tone changes. The big drawback is the single volume, so multiple pickup positions have no balancing. For a beginner, this unit would be OK for a couple years. If you are experienced, you will probably get tired of the pickup/switch/knob configuration quickly, and the lack of crunch/spank, whatever you are looking for. Heck, you wouldn't even buy it. Nothing out of the ordinary here. It sounds middle-of-the-road.


It was a rock, save for the tremelo. In this rebuild, the tremelo has been trashed and I am putting a hardtail with through strings on the new body. Still, in it's original condition it was a tank. You could see a lot of beginner garage bands using one of these. Thick finish, strong strap buttons, just not much to go wrong.

General Comments

After a who knows what life, this unit was in a pawn shop where the temps change drastically. Neck stayed rod straight, which is why I picked it over others for my project.

After playing it for a while, I almost kept it, but decided I didn't need another strat knockoff. The electronics and neck will make great supplies for building a body from scratch, and I pay tons less by using pre-owned pickups, knobs, tuners, neck, etc.

But the Ibanez quality was there, just not in spades.

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