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This product has been around for a few years, and although ART has produced a number of "enhanced" versions, the original $29.99 model with VU meter seems to be the most desired.

For me, it did EXACTLY what I wanted, put some db into my Tascam DP-02, which otherwise I had the preamp controls at 9 or higher. With this unit they drop to 5-6 and I get a cleaner, smoother sound that is not so stark digital.

This is one of those little add-ons that just about everyone who amplifies should have somewhere.

People have reported using this as a guitar pickup booster going into their amp setup. Where can you find a preamp that will drive an amp into distortion early for $29.99? And have a VU meter and clipping circuit to boot? And give it a little tube sound, if your amp is all digital? That's just one of the creative uses I've read about. Voice miking lends itself to all kinds of possibilities. For the price, this thing is great.

I would buy this again in a heartbeat. The exact same model.

I want another one....

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