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Sound Quality

Breaking glass was what was described to me. I think more like if my wife flat dropped a 12" pyrex glass square baking dish onto our ceramic kitchen floor, that would be closer. Not exactly breaking glass, more like a damn glass/metal explosion. If very brittle metal would break like glass - that's the sound. Doesn't ring. It screams crash, but with almost no resonance, if you can imagine. Kind of screams metal when you hit it. This is an "end of song" noise in my book. Death Metal people should love these. Fast decay, really fast. Also, different places on the cymbal bring out somewhat different sounds even at the same diameter, obviously because of the hand-made process. A little problematic since a cymbal will rotate on the felt. No time to watch where it is in rotation. Lastly, cuts through all other sounds. Do not need to hit this very hard. Still, everyone should own one of these.


I just started back with drums, been at guitar a while. Played around with drums for a while years ago, so no expert here. This seems like you could break it in time. But then again, they are so cheap, almost as cheap as a skin. Also, like I said above, don't need to hit this as hard, unless you want to maim someone's ears closeby. Durable for the money. It's cheap, remember? You're gonna break it sooner or later.

General Comments

Just started back on drums, getting back my "metronome". Too much gear to mention. Also an active guitarist as a hobbyist. Play both drums and guitar everyday. Love to jam alone with my Line 6 Spyder drum tracks, my drums following, and a cold beer.

If this broke, or left me for some other reason, I would look around a bit, maybe a gentler Wuhan. This cymbal is a bit harsh for my style, but it is also kind of neat to have this dramatic of a crash for so little money. The arm it mounts on cost more than the cymbal!

This is one of those things you seldom hit, but when the sound is needed, you are really happy it is there.

I compared it on price.

I love the oddity of it and the looks. Nothing else on my kit like it.

I hate the edge problem. That little flare is capable of putting a splinter on my stick unless I watch how I hit.

But I think if you have room on your kit, you need this sound.

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