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AKG WMS 40 Flexx Sports Wireless Headset System

Sound Quality

I use it with strat, tele and gibson guitars combined with a VOX Valvetronix 120VTX amp. I cannot hear a difference between this and a cable connection. Sound can be adjusted even more precise by the volume knob on the receiver.


I haven't used it yet playing with the band but it seems to me it's a very reliable device. So far I used it at home and it did not give any problem at all.


General Comments

I play mostly rock and I am surprised by the way it improves the sound. By adjusting the volume knob on the receiver, you can adjust the sound from clean to a sound with a lot of gain with a smooth touch. It's also a relieve that I'm not fysically atached anymore to an amp. I played my guitar while walking through the house, leaving the amp in the living room and it did not alter the sound nor influenced the signal between transmitter and receiver.

Reviewer's Background

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