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Sound Quality

the sound quality is very good. plenty of distortion. i don't find it all that noisy but of course when you turn it up loud and add tons of distortion you will need to use a noise gate. the modulations on this thing are lovely, some of the best i have heard. i am using the ART with a Randall 75watt valve amp, ibanez S470, ibanez JEM and a Marlin state of the art series guitar.


i have had it about a year now and can honestly say it has caused me no trouble what so ever. seems like it is built to last. and the X-15 foot pedal (which i also have) weighs an absolute ton and the buttons on it are HUGE !!

General Comments

i mostly play neo classical and sweep picking styles. the ART covers them all with ease. my favourite feature has to be the preamp its amazing, the amount of adjusting and customizing you can do is really good. What more can i say, its well built, sounds great and there are some good deals on the second hand ones.

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