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Gibson Custom Johnny Winter Firebird Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

It has not been played, nor will it. If you want to hear it go to YouTube.com and listen to the master do "Highway 61." on this exact guitar: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FsB6lbFvhuo I'll reserve a rating for mine, since it has not been played. I have one of the 400 made with maple wings and it sounds GREAT!


Again, it will not be played. It will be proudly displayed and admired. I love it! I am a guitar and bass player and play all my Gibsons, Fenders, Ibenezes, etc. except this one. It is beautifully made down to the smallest feature. I love my Gibson guitars and yes they had to be set up by the reseller but they performed after that and every one is more valuable today than when I bought them.


General Comments

I've been a player for over 30 years. I own one of everything (just a joke) but I do own a lot of stuff and enjoy it all. I have a mix of amps; Ampeg Reverb Rocket 212, Orange Tiny Terror (tone man tone) Orange 112 cab, etc. I use little to no effects. It's in the hands...


I was surprised and pleased to see Johnny Winter's signature on the certificate of authenticity. It was a customer delighter as we say in the Quality Biz.


The case and the accessories are really cool. I haven't opened any of them. All my other Gibson's are opened and in use but not the "Johnny."


Look out for future tears from those that missed the opportunity to buy at such a low price. Worth every bit of 12k in my opinion.

Reviewer's Background

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