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Sound Quality

[Perceived output level] Very mid range focused, good high end, and bass. Bass is a little muddy if you turn it up on your amp, or if you use a lot of gain. Gives an excellent overdriven sound which is very saturated and rich. Really brings out the sound of tubes. Very hot. Im using this thtough a mesa boogie rectifier on vintage, and my gain is at like 9 O'clock. [Tone] slightly Muddy Low end, with distortion everythig else is perfect. Can definitley do more than metal though, but if you try to push the mids on your amp too much you will get a very crapped out kind of sound [Sonic evaluation] With my setup, (Esp ecplipse, through boogie single rectifier, and vintage 30 loaded 4X12 carvin legacy cabinet), I get a great hard rock overdriven sound. open chords ring out, and leads are just awesome and since the gain on the amp i can keep low, it is generally noiseless. [For which styles and positions is this pickup (un)suitable] Pickup is great for rock, and metal. But don't try to get a clean sound out of it, because it won't happen.


General Comments

[Comments] Been playing for about 5 years, and about 4 of them have been in clubs, and touring. Other guitars have duncan JB's in the bridge, but I didn't realize what a guitar could sound like untill i got this pickup. It gave me the sound I was looking for. The JB's don't even compare when it comes to a good overdriven guitar tone. I am ordering all my custom's from now on with this pickup, except for the hollowbody i just ordered that I had a live wire classic installed in. Definitely give this pickup a try if you like to use a good amount of gain because even when you turn it down on the amp it still comes though as very overdriven. The battery thing is not a problem, Playing at least three nights a week, three hour sets a night I still only have to change the battery every three months or so. Definitely a great pickup relatively close sound to PRS tremonti pickup, but a little hotter, and a little less bassy, and more middy.



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