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crate V Series V18-112 18W 1x12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

Here is where it all went downhill! When I unpacked the amp for initial inspection several screws were not even tightened down and one of the screws that holds the chassis was wallowing around in the cabinet (threads were stripped in the chassis). I found this out went I tightened all the loose screws. Now onto the next problem: I made sure it was set to the correct voltage per Crates instructions plugged it in let it warm up, flipped the standby and here comes the sound of a handful of french fries thrown into a deep fryer. I had my '79 Strat going into it and played a couple of chords and realized there was something very wrong and /or broken. I then turned it off to do a damage assessment. After I inspected the speaker I came to the conclusion that it had a blown voice coil, so I unplugged the speaker from the chassis (which is another nice feature since it has a male plug from the speaker to the powerhead)and plugged it into one of my cabinets with V-30 Celestions and began playing,tweaking knobs and hoping that I could find some useable tone from the amp. Well, sorry people, I could not find a decent tone in this amp AT ALL! It is so bass heavy that I had to turn the bass and mids all the way down to even get a hint of clarity and even with the treble turned up to around 2 o'clock it still had a flabby sound from the lower register and the upper register was icepick treble. The reverb is also so over the top that I found keeping it dialed in between 7-8 o'clock which is barely on was the best it had. I even tried it thru my '66 Fender Showman loaded with 2 JBL-D130F's to see if it would tame the bass and it didn't! I tried several different tube sets in it (Tesla's, EV's,Ruby's and many combinations of each) and nothing seemed to help so it's GOODBYE,NICE TO KNOW YOU,HAVE A NICE LIFE!


NOT AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

General Comments

Been playing 40 years and I know what tube amps should sound like since I have a house FULL of the great amps of my generation,Fender's,Marshall's, Soldano's and even a Blackheart Little Giant (which is a GREAT amp,SEE MY REVIEW!).

Anyway I like the look of the amp but it ends there.

If it were lost or stolen I would thank the thief and offer to take him to dinner! Thank GOD for Musicians Friend's 45 day return policy, since I have had it ten days trying to get a decent sound!

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