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Sound Quality

I play every style on it, rock, blues, jazz, space age techno...it is a tonal monster that adapts to whatever i through at it. It is not noisy and it sounds great, its the best guitar that i have ever owned...period.


This guitar is nearly 40 years old and It Is Solid!!! It has never failed me in nearly 10 years of playing.

General Comments

If you ever get a chance to pick one of these Starfires up...Please Treat Yourself and DO!!! You will not regret it and you will not be disappointed. The Rhode Island made Guilds are outstanding and they are built extremely well. If I could I would have a dozen of them. I don't give 10s but if I did, I would for this. I stole it from some dude almost 10 years ago for under 700.00 and I am SO happy that i did. Peace!

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