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Vox Valvetronix AD50VT 50w 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

I use a Gibson Pete Townshend Signature SG with two P-90 single coil pickups. This is the perfect guitar for me because I'm a Classic Rock guy in a teenage classic rock cover band. We mainly cover Who, Beatles, and beginning to add some songs by 'The Band'. I can get just about any sound I need from my PT SG. Pete used a Gibson SG Special that had P-90s, which is partially responsible for creating his defining live sound between late '68 and '71. The Beatles are very closely associated with Epiphone Casinos which also have P-90s. They also used Strats (and George later used a Telecaster) which also have single coils. The Who and The Beatles being my two favorite bands, i felt it was safe to get P-90 single coils (I also liked the clean sound i got from them :) ) With the Vox AD50VT's 11 amp models i can dial in just about every sound i need: *Mid 60's Beatles / Early Who - British Invasion sound (though you'd need a RIC too) can be found on AC30TB. This is THE sound for "Day Tripper" and other songs from this era for the Beatles, and lucky me, that's on our set list. *Late 60's Beatles sound can be found on Tweed 4x10 (Fender Bassman) In the Late 60's when the Beatles were getting more and more psychadelic, they switched their amps from Vox to Fender. You can also get the sounds from most Fender users out of this amp setting. *The Who's live sound from '69 to '71 (think Woodstock, Live at Leeds, Isle of Wight festivals, Live at The Young Vic), can be found using UK '70s. Cranking the gain on this amp will give you decent distortion, at least for my taste. I plan to get a fuzz pedal for the perfect fuzz sound i seek tho. *John Entwistle songs ("My Wife" - live) i use UK '80s. When The Who would play John's songs live in the late 70s, theyd play it fairly distorted, so I use this setting. This is the closest I get to playing anything remotely metal or modern. I have no use for the heavily distorted amp models and am not someone to consult if a metal player's amp is what you're looking for. But I do know that if you got money, and are looking for a metal players amp, Mesa Boogie is the way to go. The fact that this amp has amp models for classic rock, modern rock, and metal, you know its versatile. The distortion can get pretty brutal, but at a certain point, distortion loses definition, where distortion is gonna sound like the same mangled piece of shit no matter what you do. I'm definitely not talking about just this amp, but amps in general. But to state it simply, the distortion on this amp can be just about whatever you want in this price range and without a distortion pedal. * The Band - I turn it to Black 2x12 and turn the Compressor on and I'm able to achieve Robbie Robertson tone. If you're not familiar with his sound, he uses mostly Strats and Teles. In the 60s, the middle pickup of his Strat kept getting in the way of his playing, so he just moved it down towards the bridge. The finished product gave him lots of "twang" and "quack" which defined his sound. He also plays with pinch harmonics almost non-stop to get him even more "quack". It can be heard on the songs "King Harvest (Has Surely Come)" and "Just Another Whistle Stop" especially. Effects: The effects on this baby will suit anyone who isn't too picky about their effects or can't afford top notch effects. I'm no Tom Morrello, so I have no intention of having a pedal board with a dozen stomp boxes. However, there are two effects that I am specific about and plan to upgrade to: Fuzz and wah. Being the huge PT fan i am, i intend on getting a Black Cat Univox Superfuzz to mimic the unique distortion heard when Pete plays live. And me also being a sucker for classic rock, a Crybaby Classic. There are some effects i'll use very rarely (i.e. flanger, phaser, tremelo), rarely enough, that i can survive the quality of the effects. They're A-OK in my book. Overall - the sound is fantastic but


This thing is a TANK!!!!!! It's solid. Its hard for me to explain the amp's strength with words, so if you're at a guitar store anytime soon and they got a ADD50VT on hand, give it a good inspection. I cringe at the thought, but I bet that if it ever fell down the stairs, it could survive. I would definitely gig with this without a backup on hand, cause i trust it. Hasnt failed me yet, I've owned it since late December of '04 and I've been playing it almost non stop.

General Comments

I've been playing guitar for about 3 years (I'm 15), bass for about a year and a half, can barely play keyboard or drums, better at twirling drum sticks than actual drumming. Lead guitarist for a teenage classic rock cover band, backup guitar/organ in my Dad's group (if they need me), which is also a classic rock/ folk cover band. I own a 2001 Gibson Pete Townshend Signature SG and a 2003 Yamaha F-35 acoustic that i started on, along with my trusty Vox AD50VT. I also use/ have access to my Dad's 1997 Epiphone Sheraton II, 1987 Fender F270SCE acoustic-electric, and Epiphone EP-1000 amp. I also use/ have access to his lead guitarist's Squier Strat, 1974 Gibson SG Standard Limited Edition I, Fender Fretless Jazz Bass, Peavey Audition 20 amp, and Fender BXR 25 bass amp and am currently using my guitar mentor's friend's Ibanez-like bass.


When shopping for this amp i considered many things: Wattage, weight, versatility, sound and price. I compared it to many other 50, 65, and even 100 watt amps. It was a clear winner because of it's Vox quality, features, sound, and versatility. Other amps i compared to lacked certain qualities (like staying clean past a certain volume)


I love just about everything this amp has to offer other than its weight, but small price to pay for the greatest amp money can buy in this price range. If someone stole this amp, I'd be pissed, but be glad that they didnt steal my beloved PT SG instead. I'd definitely look for the culprit, who prolly couldnt have run far with this 50lb beauty. IF i couldn't find them, then of course i would definitely buy a replacement cause it's Vox, under $400, with just about every sound i've ever needed right here. Did I mention it's beautiful as well?

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