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Sound Quality

Absolutely the best signal transfer you can have. No noise, clicks, pops, or whatever. I switch between a Mesa Triple Req and a Crate 2x12 combo for my clean. I just changed all my cables to Lava http://www.lavacable.com/ and I didn't want a switch box that would interfere with the superior performance of the cables. This switch box doesn't. It's as if you were plugged straight in to your amp. The unit will function without a battery (they are only for LED's) but I suggest using a battery. I've noticed in some situations, where I couldn't hear myself very well on stage, that I hadn't depressed the switch hard enough and I would be playing on the wrong amp for a very brief period. This is before I put a battery in it. The LED's are really bright and they really help to let you know that you indeed switched. The switch is a real heavy duty switch so it requires a little more pressure than my Mesa channel switch pedal, which is what I'm used to.


Only had it a few weeks but I've used it several times. I trust Tony and his workmanship so I have total confidence that it will hold up for years.

General Comments

I've been playing on and off for about 20 years now and this has got to be one of the best pieces of equipment and the most pleasant buying experience I've had, not to mention the best deal out there. If you're thinking about an A/B switch don't waste your money on the overpriced Lehle or anybody else's pedal. Tony's pedal will get the job done like no other and you'll save yourself a lot of money. I'm blown away that he doesn't charge more for his pedals.

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