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Sound Quality

The chorus speed isn't as fast as I would like it to be, but I really don't use fast chorus, or any chorus for that matter.


This is an old old DOD bass chorus that I got in a trade from my best friend's little brother. It is in absolute perfect shape, had to change the battery terminal, but it was VERY simple. I am tired of people bashing DOD pedals. I own three of them, and they are all in excellent shape. They have been in my possesion for at least four years now, and they are all still working PERFECTLY. I suspect that those of you who have problems with DOD pedals have them because you don't take care of your gear. Taking care of it doesn't mean throwing it around and stomping down on the switch as hard as you can. The switch doesn't need to be pressed down that hard for the effect to come on.

General Comments

A great line of pedals. I don't like alot of their pedals, just cause They are not nessecary to my style, and these are the only ones that I would even think of using. But, they are great pedals nontheless, and with names like Stereo Chorus and Digital Delay, I know what I am getting.

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