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The keyboard action itself is the best part, and it is exquisite. This is by far the best piano action and response I have experienced in a keyboard. My first reaction was that the keys were rather 'weighty', but I had been playing a lighter keyboard for a while. I quickly git used to the specific feel, and immediately stopped fussing about anything...and playing! I finally feel like I have a piano (especially with my Modartt Pianoteq VST!). Doe this single feature outweigh the negatives?


In my opinion, this keyboard was rushed. The aftertouch and control wheel seem like afterthoughts, and (on my keyboard) were unusable. So, I basically bought a graded hammer action keyboard...like the Yamaha KX8, or several other $700 keyboards. Why am I paying a premium for this keyboard? Is it worth the "feel thing"?


Since I need aftertouch and a modulation wheel I am now looking at a secondary keyboard. This may add another $500 to my total cost, so I am now in a price range that is astronomical for what I intended. This is unacceptable. They may be able to fix my current issues so that at least I can use the features that I paid for, and they may redesign this altogether, but they do not work now.

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