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Martin McCoy

Schecter Guitar Research C-7 Hellraiser Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

This combination of EMG and mahogany has to be one of the best ever. And as the 707TW can give you either humbucker or single coil (one of each in the casing) so you have a huge tonal palette at your fingertips. It's over fifteen years since I played an EMG guitar and I wasn't sure about them back then. But these have changed my mind. I will not play any other pickup from now. Period. The day of the hype of all those PAF and P90 and Texas Specials are over. These are powerful (!), quiet, versatile, and warm as you like. The mahogany gives some depth which kind of tempers the slightly brittle edge you get from a floyd trem. I play in my own style that has elements of Zappa, Deftones, Hendrix, Jon Schofield, etc. My Hellraiser covers all the bases - and then some. It's as at home with my Matchless as it is with the JCM800.


The hardware is EMG and Floyd, so that's as good as you get. The neck is set in the body. It feels real solid like it would break the floor rather than fall apart if you dropped it. 'Would I gig it?' is a dumb question!

General Comments

I've played for over 30 years (with a gap in the middle) and have owned just about all the classics. And you know what? I would no longer thank you for any of them. I'd take this over a 59 LP or a 60's Strat anytime. I don't dislike the other stuff, but up against this Hellraiser they all seem kind of one-trick items. They are all based on 50 year old originals - and it shows. My Hellraiser is a modern guitar, built in a modern way, with hich-tec pups and a trem you can use - and it has the correct number of strings.


I wanted a guitar that would let me play whatever I had in my head. And I'd never found it until now. You could not improve it.


Would I buy another if it got stolen? I have another on order right now anyway! And I would have even at 2x the price.


It's difficult to put into words exactly how good this guitar is. Let me try it this way:





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