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Sound Quality

I have owned the original Whammy WH-1, IPS-33B, DHP-33, and the DHP-55. I just purchased another DHP-55. All 3 of the rack units have excellent intelligent pitch shifting compared to Digitech's later attempts at this without the help of IVL. I felt I needed to clear something up that was mis-stated below by another user. "Also, note that the DHP-55 is NOT as good as the DHP-33, although it is capable of 5-voice shifting. The difference is that the DHP-33 and the IPS33B are made by IVL, and the DHP-55 was not. This explains the less than stellar pitch effects on the DHP-55 (and, in fact, all of Digitech's subsequent offerings)." was what he wrote. WRONG The DHP-55 was also made in Canada by IVL for Digitech and it states as much right on the back of the unit. The shifting works wonderfully if it is connected properly. The trick is to have the output from the guitar going into the unit for tracking purposes and then put your preamp in its loop and also make sure the effect loop button is turned on. If this is done correctly you will have stellar tracking and the EXACT same sound as the other 2 units. I would take either DHP unit if 3 voice harmony or straight up Whammy sounds are desired but the 55 gives a little extra for about the same funds these days. Either way any one of these units will give the exact Whammy WH-1 sound and a whole lot more for less than half the cost of the way overpriced little red pedal.


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