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epiphone Valve Junior Tube Amplifier Head

Sound Quality

Ok with the stock valves EH AND SOV EL84 it still fantastic but breaks up a little early and a little hard sounding with Humbuckers so an 8. Put a Mullard EL84 and a JAN 5751 and it is the perfect amp for small venues and a Strat. Through a semi closed peavey classic cab loaded with a single gm25 greenback this set up is perfect. Not a bad sound throughout the dial. At gigs i put the volume at 12 o clock and slam the front end with various pedals to taste. Perfection to my ears. Bought another head and matching epi cab but put both a Mullard el84 and 12ax7 and it has a creamy breakup that compliments the first rig perfectly. A stereo set up that's easy to move and cheap but sounds a million dollars with the NOS valves. The circuit is so simple and pure it really allows the tone of these wonderful valves from yesteryear to shine and each of my guitars voices comes through intact. To give you an idea of where i am coming from my last amp which i have sold due to this rig was a DR Z MAZ JUNIOR great amp but this rig gets me 95% there tone wise and i have the option of a stereo set up or simply a back up. The volume is spot on for small gigs and if not just mike up. These amps with the right tubes are fantastic, chime, bell like tones that bloom as the notes decay..metal look elsewhere classic rock and blues they're a must have. Point to point vs Circuit boards means nothing when you use good valves. Repairs etc sure PTP is better than a circuit board, but sound wise please..there is no difference!


Pretty simple amps but will see how the transformers go.

General Comments

I've owned Rivera's too many to list but a Venus 6 for one, DR Z'S MAZ & Z28, Genz Benz Black Pearl, Laney tt, vc, lc, THD Univalve, Emery Sound, Tech 21 Trademark 60 and 10 don't knock em til you try em, Engl Thunder 50, Marshall DSL50, DSL 201, I've played through most Bad Cat's and Cornford's as well as numerous Fenders. The reason for the run down was not to brag but simply to show i can compare these amps to top shelf gear and am not 11 in my bedroom. Only been playing 10 years but am in my 30's and have been gigging 6 of those so these amps have been used live in a band setting playing mostly radio rock and originals. These are a cheap alternative that will get you into that boutique EL84 book of tone with some NOS Valves and still keep the majority of your hard earned cash in your pocket. They are so cheap that you could afford 2 and not think twice. I love them and although i don't regret my EXPENSIVE amp adventures i've learnt you don't have to spend big to sound good and wish i had found these amps much sooner!!

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