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Sound Quality

For the price, the sound quality is quite good. I wouldn't suggest it for serious studi work, however. The sound is a little thin going direct to the board but you can get some good tones using it as a preamp and then to a nice cabinet. It's got great harmonizers but for some reason there is a very slight delay on the lower pitches. I don't notice the noise as much as others have stated, esp. in comparison to other effects processors in the same price range.


I hade the display lighting go out on me after only having it for 1 1/2 years have light use. The guy at the guitar shop said this happens all the time... It also took a while to get it fixed.

General Comments

The Zoom 9030 is great for practice, home studio, and gigs (provided you have a foot controller). I wouldn't recommend it for serious studio use.

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