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Sound Quality

Err, i think this pedal is really cool, prob a little bit of a collectors item just because it's so unique... it's certainly one of the most interesting ones i use. People go on and on and on about how much tone a dunlop crybaby will suck out of you're rig, but i would say that this pedal is slightly worse for that, so i have to take it out of my chain when not in use. Otherwise it's a nice wah sweep, sounds good with distortion.


Seems to be built well, and as it uses some kind of non contact optical cicuit to produce the wah sweep, there are less moving parts, so no wear and tear.

General Comments

I would recommend this if you're into wahs, because it gives a different flavour than your dunlop, i think this would prob work great with a bass because the pedal tends to emphasise the bass frequencys where as crbabys tend to cut a bit more... if u can find one of these they tend to go for a few ¿¿¿¿¿¿ less than dunlops on ebay, so def reccommended.

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