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Schecter Guitar Research Hellraiser C-7 Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

I'm surprised that so many say this is a 'metal' guitar. I find it extremely 'hi-fi'. I either own or have owned several copies of almost every good guitar on the planet. The pickups are 'tame' and actually require more than average amount of overdrive to push them into 'metal-zone'. I wonder what other guys are playing this through??! The guitar-amp combination is critical; I was a little surprised that this sounded best through my VHT pitbull. But I still had to increase gain for heavier sounds. It actually really shines for jazz/studio stuff! It's not too bright (thank God) yet is very balanced. nice! The middle position yeilds some very usable rhythm/comping tones.


it's very well constructed. no worries.

General Comments

this is surprisingly nice. I just wish the neck wasn't so flat and that I could easily buy replacement pickups; these aren't that impressive.


Other than that - I think I'll hang onto it as my only 7-string (I've already sold all the others)

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