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Marshall JMP-1 Tube MIDI Guitar Preamp

Sound Quality

I play Les Pauls, although I have a few other makes among my collection. For a metal guitar player, this thing kicks ass. The gainy sounds are brutal especially through a good power amp like the Mesa Simul 2:90. The cleans are good too. Overall, Just about any sound you want within Marshall's catalogue of tones is available and sounding good, all at your foot pedal.


Here's where I have a problem. I've had this thing for almost 10 years now and it still works=good. HOWEVER, the main volume get's "crackly" as it's susceptible to getting dirty. It'll need to be cleaned out regularly. Another pet peeve of mine with this thing is that they use PLASTIC input jacks... STUPID STUPID STUPID! I'd be interested to know if any touring pros out there like Dave Mustaine actually use these things stock or if they get them fitted with more robust hardware. Those were the first things to go. Shitty jacks. They get sloppy. I actually had to open up the unit and bend the contact back into place so that my input cable would stay snug and in contact. This is a half baked platform hardware-wise. It aint ready to run with the big dogs. As far as I'm concerned, this thing is not "road ready". Your best bet is to make all cable connections, lock 'em down tight in your rack and leave it that way! I'm giving a low reliability score because with such superior sound this thing is not manufactured as well as it should be. Kinda like putting retreads on a Dodge Viper. Built for speed and ready to rock but just as ready to be eliminated from the race due to substandard equipment.

General Comments

Awesome tone! Brutal gain and bite!


Very easy to use.


Crappy plastic input jacks, easily broken.


Lacking in overall features. Note to Marshall: Use metal input jacks! build in phantom power and continuous controller capability and I'll gladly replace my Triaxis just for the brutal metal tone alone!

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